Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Guess who dressed me?

Answer: Daddy (ladies you knew that though, right?)

When I noticed it, I said, "Um, S, why is Alligator's dress on backwards?"
His response: "Oh, I thought it was weird there were pockets on the BACK, but since everything else with buttons closes in the back I thought...."
Me: "Hmmmph."

I took the dress out and because I had sliced my finger earlier in the day cutting a bagel - so dumb. I asked him to finish up getting her changed since it started bleeding again - yuck.

I guess I need to be more specific with outfits that might cause confusion like this one? =)

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  1. LOL D has done stuff like that too! It's cute and funny at the sam time. ;)

  2. LoL!!!!!!!!! Now I know what to look forward to when Jake is left alone with Jeff. At least he tries!

  3. This is great! I apparently missed this a couple weeks ago, so I'm glad I came over to catch up here today. That is totally something that would happen in my house!!!

    Thanks for the shout out!