Monday, November 22, 2010

I have a ONE year old!

It was really hard to type out the title of this post. A one year old. A ONE YEAR OLD. How did that happen? It still feels so fresh in my head the day she was born. The nights of up every couple hours. The days of the rinse and repeat: feed, change, rock, try to sleep, etc. I know years from now I'll be saying this still whenshe's 5, or 10, or graduating highschool too, brings tears to my eyes to even think about those events. They feel so far off but I know they will hit me so quickly!

So Alligator is ONE. Some things  that she is doing now that is the big ONE year old....
  • She chipped her first tooth Thursday before her birthday
  • She took 4 steps on Friday before her birthday
  • She will try to eat almost anything, but if it isn't seasoned just right she will spit it out
  • She sort of signs "more" by clapping shen she's eating (Thanks to LeeAnn's post about her son doing the same thing or I wouldnt' have noticed this was what she was doing.)
  • She also claps, a lot, anytime she hears applause or laughter (so cute!)
  • She crawls...FAST
  • She is starting to climb things
  • She loves (LOVES) the first few minutes of Mickey Mouse Club House on Disney
  • She loves to fall backwards on the bed or couch when we're playing
  • She loves to bounce
  • She finally is holding her own bottle
  • She is starting to point, just a little to objects in books
  • She has a lot of hair and can support a pig tail on top or 2 small pigtails (harder to put in)
  • She is wearing 9-12 clothes in some things and 12-18 in other things
  • She still doesn't really like shoes (  either do I =)  )
  • She likes cake (you'll see in pictures below...)
There is probably more I can list but I want to show you pictures from her party before she wakes up! We had an Alligator theme. So it was Alligators and pink. It came out pretty cute. =)

Her birthday banner a great e-friend made for us and I assembled.

Our dining room (cake, cookies, and present area)

Her birthday skirt and shirt I made for her. Chair in the background is from my mom.

Showing the bow on her head Sazz made for us!

My two helpers here and Alligator was LOST in the little laptop my in laws got her.

Giving us a "WTF is that Mom and Dad?" as we sang her "Happy Birthday".

Such a lady eating it with a fork. ;-)

Then she dove in...

She was sharing with Mommy.

All done - very messy - straight to the tub!




  1. Everything looked great! Love the mess with the cake.

    I'm glad her bow matched great with her outfit!

  2. Your party looks great, and I love her cake! She's so stinkin' cute!! Happy birthday!!!

  3. It looks like Allison had a great birthday party! I'm so sorry we missed it. (Trust did NOT want my sick boy in your house.) I love the theme and the colors. Everything was so cute! The cake pictures are awesome!!!!

    It sounds like Allison and Bryce are right on the same track. We need to get them together to play!