Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Dinner

(PS - Yep, we do diaper and socks only dinners for her now. She takes the bib off herself and it's just not worth the ruined clothes. =) We switched out her Space Saver highchair for this Ikea gem ($25!) since she clearly was out to ruin any furniture she eats near. She likes the freedom of this highchair way better.)


  1. They learned how to take the bibs off???? I don't think I'm willing to get my high chairs destroyed. Thanks D for buying the most expensive things out there. LOLOL

  2. Oh she is too darn adorable! I love her hair.

    & Thomas learned to rip his bib off too. & he destroys the high chair. Luckily we got a graco on clearance from Target for only 40 bucks. So happy we didn't splurge on the 150 model!

  3. How cute love the chair!!!

    we have taken the cover off our Space Saver! Bibs now are entirely over rated according to Lily Anne.

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