Sunday, September 12, 2010

I moved...

blogs that is! Well, I still have the other one, but I'm going to post here. I used to be here and was there for a while, but I wanted a different name that was cuter. 

I picked this name for a few reasons. I live on a "Lane" but Rainbow Lane would not have been so cute. ;-) Seriously, who names a street "Rainbow Lane", ugh. The Alligator part came from a few reasons. 1 -I call my daughter "Alligator" (take a wild guess what her real name is....because I won't tell!). 2 - I almost ran over an alligator once out on a bike ride. Scared the hell out of me! It was a big one too. 3 - I have a weird fascination with trying to find them in or near water and seeing shows about them. 4 - Alligator Lane just sounds cute to me. 

There you have it. This is the new blog. I designed the background myself. I made the header myself. I made my own button too! I'm only a little bit proud that I did it all in a weekend and managed to do other projects too.

Thanks for reading!!