Friday, September 10, 2010

What I see on the monitor sometimes

I meant to post this funny last night, but oh well, here it goes today.

My husband had just put Alligator down to bed in her crib. I went in to check on her and him since he was still in there. I rubbed her back a minute and my husband was sitting in the chair kind of waiting to see if she got up before he left. She seemed out like a light! So I left, he left, and we thought we were good.

A little while later I'm sitting here at the computer (right outside Alligator's room) and I hear a WHAP on the crib. Um, huh? I wait a minute, then I hear it again. OK, let's turn on the monitor to check things out.

I see her flailing around in the crib, she does this often, in a very dramatic fashion. Sometimes the arm is over her eyes, sometimes her legs are up the sides of the crib, it just looks dramatic. Then she starts the whimpering and whining. Then she stands up. Then she is leaning over the side of the crib a bit and banging the sides of the crib like she's a monkey at the zoo. Then she is standing to one end, looking at the monitor (at me, I swear!), and yelling. She was yelling as if to say "Come get me and rock me again!"

Then in one fell swoop she turns and pretty much belly flops down onto the bed, inserts her thumb into her mouth, and OUT she goes. I couldn't stop laughing. I was hoping I didn't wake her up laughing! This kid cracks me up even when she's sleeping some days!

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