Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Better late than never

Another blog reminded me this morning that I never posted 9 month pictures because she was late in posting her 5 month pictures. (Thanks Abby!!) SO my Alligator will be 10 months NEXT WEEK (!!!) and here are a few of her 9 month pictures. Finally!

So the month pictures have gotten harder and harder. They now always require the help of my husband. It is not easy. She doesn't want to sit still. She wants to eat her sticker. She wants to drool everywhere. She wants to take off her bow or headband. And most of all, I think she enjoys making dumb faces while I take her picture now. She smiles while I have the camera down, then as soon as that camer is up and ready to shoot :::queue the dumb expression:::

Sigh....someday she will smile for the camera I hope.

This one is the "I'm about to get away Mommy, look out" expression.

"Huh, what? You're taking my picture now?" All smiles split seconds before this.

This one is "I'm soo going to be a smart ass when I'm older Mom and Dad."

Thanks for reading!!
At her 9 month appointment (a week late) on 8/27 she was 22lbs 2 oz and 28 1/4" long. 90th % for weight 80th % for height and her big head was 85th % I think.
I will say that she had just eaten an 8 ounce bottle about 40 minutes before they weighed her though. That couldn't have all been digested that fast, right?


  1. She is so adorable! Hooray for a healthy, growing baby!