Monday, August 23, 2010

30 day blog challenge FAIL

I signed on to do a blog challenge here and I then quickly FORGOT about it! Woops. I'm trying to do more. Goodness knows I spend enough time in front of my laptop somedays. Now I just need to post!!

I should take a picture of my craft room (aka - the guest room) to show its horrible messiness. Maybe some readers would get a kick out of it. I've been working on lots of different projects for different people in real life and some of my online mommas. Finally the next project I'm going to do is a naked time blanket for Alligator. She moves and crawls all over and almost always pees on something right before her bathtime. I'm working on a PUL lined flannel blanket for the naked playtime to hopefully save her cute bedroom rug. I hope to finish that up this week sometime.
Also, Alligator is getting BOTH her top two teeth right now. It is a very fun house right now. She is crabby most of the day it seems. Except when we're at the gym. She loves that place. They tell me "She's so smiley and talkative and yells and blahblah" but then I get the miserable 'Don't leave my side' kid at home. Teeth are evil!!!

I'll leave you with a couple pictures. Alligator tried something new over the weekend. She did not like them.

Gagging on the blueberries I made her try. How horrible am I??? So we will try them again sometime and stick to her Apple and Blueberry puree she seems to really enjoy. Sigh...

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