Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a rainy day does to my living room

This is what a rainy day in Florida does to us. The day started off normal. Breakfast bottle, then some apples, and a trip to the gym. She gets to play at the gym, I get to work out, fun! Then the rain started as I was leaving the gym with her and didn't stop until it was dark.

So this shows you how a toy box exploded in here. Or a few toy boxes. I know Alligator sure tipped a couple of them over!

Yet she doesn't want to play with anything, she wants the dog's water bowl. Or my flip flop. Or my earring?! Teething babies are soooo fun!

This was not the actual dog's water bowl. This was a clean bowl I put some water in and let her splash around. It occupied her for a good 15 minutes.

"Good job, mom!" (::thumbs up::)


  1. this is just from a rainy day? Looks like every day in my house.

  2. That looks like my house all the time!!! lol