Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I love Craigslist

At our house our office is also my craft room. I used to have all my craft supplies in the closet. Combined with various office supplies and other things we had stored. We used to use the office also as Gianna's room when she slept over. She had her own little toddler bed and the TV cabinet had all her stuff for when she stayed. I decided I need to do something about my mess in the closet and office. Stuff kept spilling out onto Gianna's bed and the floor and it was horrible to work in. I had a talk with Gianna and asked her if she'd mind sleeping in the big girl bed (the guest room) next time. She was excited about sleeping on a big bed, so we'll see how that goes next time. So her bed was moved out and I was lucky enough to find an awesome cabinet on Craigslist that works perfect!

This is the cabinet I bought:It's from IKEA. The one I bought is actually an older model. Here is a picture of the new model of this type of cabinet (left) sells for $380! I also got another little cabinet like the one on the right. I got them both from one person on Craigslist for $100!! What a steal.
Here is the new and improved cabinet stuffed full of ALL my craft stuff. I cut a couple more shelves and painted them (all by myself with power tools) and I plan to make more and take out the plastic shelf unit so my sewing machine can go in the cabinet too.
I love the little hook on the side to show off a purse or hang up a work in progress. :-)
I am SO happy with this cabinet. I plan to organize my fabrics better by color. So far I just have them organized by types: bottom 2 shelves - cottons & top shelf - everything else. I installed some hooks to hang my squares, cutting mats, and rulers. I plan to install a magnet bar to the left side to hang all my scissors from.

The is eventually to make this room into a nursery. So this cabinet will then be moved into the new office whenever we make it along with our other office type stuff. The new office will be the front room (pool room) split into an office and a dining room. I am very pleased with my purchase so far.

I have another project to post in a couple days so check back. :-)

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  1. woohoo 2 posts in one day!
    I love the cabinet!