Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just rememberd a Christmas Present Post

This is WAY over due...but I wanted to post a project I did for two of my very good friends for Christmas. I decided I'd like to go more of the handmade gifts from now on if possible. So I knew that two friends (one might read this, the other is sometimes afraid of the internet) would like this idea. (Or they would like at least part of the gift.)

They both know I'm doing more crafty stuff. They also both know I've been making my own laundry detergent for a while. So I wanted to share that with them. This is what they got: Laundry Detergent (one got Apple one got Cucumber Melon), 6 place mats, 6 napkins, and a jar of my homemade spice mix.

Bigger pictures are posted below....

Place mats...Khaki canvas on the back, lobsters in the middle piece, red with white polka dots on the sides.

Napkins...Lobsters on one side and red with white polka dots on the other side.
Group shot of the napkins and the place mats together.
This is how I rolled them up so it was a surprise when they opened it.
And the laundry detergent with a little scoop and instructions. This picture is the apple kind.

I didn't want to post this until I had talked to both of them to make sure they liked it and to give enough time for them to receive the gifts. So then I just kept forgetting to post it. So today, finally, I posted. Enjoy.

(PS - Yes I would like to make myself a set too but I am out of the lobster fabric. booo :-( )

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