Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gianna's Polka Dots

You may remember me saying the other day Gianna wanted a purse so I whipped one out for her...(here) and she mentioned she wanted a closey thing (aka snap closure inside). At first she had picked 4 fabrics for her purse when I started to make it. So I narrowed it down to just the two and then I told her I'd make her another bag sometime and send it to her like pacakage.

So I surprised her with a different bag with a closey thing. Shot showing the closey thing - magnetic snap with a pink button on the outside for decoration.

She liked it and the polka dot note I shoved in there too. She's so funny. I will post a picture of her with the bag as soon as I get a good one. I got a cell phone picture of her in with the purse in her bikini...I will update this post later with a picture! :-)

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