Monday, March 16, 2009

Gianna wants a purse...Gianna gets a purse

This past weekend (Saturday night) my sister and Gianna came over for dinner and stayed over night. Gianna started toting around the purse I was about to package up from Lani's giveaway and claimed it as her own. Crap. I had to get out of this one... Then Gianna sees my new cabinet nice and filled with fabric and starts picking out lots of fabrics. I told her lets just pick then she says she wants purple, and pink, and this, and that... I remembered that I had just recently got a HUGE amount of some purple and mixed colors Robert Kaufman fabric. I showed her that and she said perfect, but I want some pink too. So there we go.
She models it for us here...Here is Gianna's bag...I cut off about an inch on either side to slim it down a bit from my normal Tie Top bag. I skipped a step and she noticed. Woops. She wants a "closey thing" on the next bag she said.
Maybe I should make a few more of these and throw them in my shop? :-) Thanks for reading.

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  1. What a cool fabric! I like how you just whip up a purse on a moments notice.. that's not normal, you know:)