Friday, September 19, 2008

CD55, still no AF, and some projects done, some to start, and so many projects to finish...

Here is the Loopy I made for Brooke's birthday.
Here is the cloth diaper making ingredients. I'm not sure if the fleece is going to work, but the PUL and the Organic Bamboo Velour are the main parts. Here they are waiting to be made into something for the triplets to try out. :-)
I am almost done with the shelves in the kitchen....I had a little mishap with the quarter molding underneath the shelf. Someone (me) didn't know how to make the angles correctly, so I have to redo them. Then one more coat of paint on the fronts and the molding and it should be good tomorrow!

I am just about to start Mary's accessory bag to sell on etsy....I have it all cut out (for me the hardest part is the measuring) and I just have to sew it up tonight.

Also on my list of to do's:
Purse/bag for Angela and a congratulations you're pregnant gift
Diapers for triplets to try out
Make bags to put on etsy
Weed front flower beds
Make bags for Kim's bridesmaids
Make Kim's headpiece for her wedding
Make Kim's ring bearer's pillow
and more I'm sure...


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