Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another day...another diaper bag.....
This bag was for Patricia's baby shower today. I was planning on just giving her a Podee and a gift card in the diaper bag, but I changed my mind last minute. Inside the diaper bag I put some diapers, a Johnson&Johnson travel size pack, some Soothie's pacifiers, some hand sanitizer, a bottle brush, and a travel pack of diaper wipes.

This is the 4th bag I've made and by far the best reaction yet. I was kind of excited, but tried to play it cool. :-)
My present happened to be the last one opened, totally not planned, and the entire room sounded like it made a "oooh" kind of noise. I was so proud. The parents to be really liked it. They were amazed that I made it. (I am a little bit amazed too, because each one is a learning experience...) A bunch of people are now interested in me making one for them! How cool!!

I might need to actually take a sewing class now if I am going to sell more of these...just to make sure I'm not effing things up when I make them.

OK, thats it for tonight....
I have a headache, I feel like I could puke or I'm hungry, and sometimes when I stand up I get dizzy. Hmm...pregnancy symptoms - maybe..... period symptoms - maybe..... driving me crazy already - definitely!

PS- I almost forgot, I have an updated picture of the loft bed in Gianna's room showing the curtains I made. Her room is so cute, so girly, and so full of stuff....The curtains hide most of her mess, but as you can see from the picture some of it has escaped...oh well. She's almost 4, what can we expect. :-)Goodnight!

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