Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New kitchen shelves I built...

Here is the wall before...it is in our "nook" in the kitchen. Not really much of a nook, but still...
So then I built the shelves out of some 2x3 pieces of pine wood. Then mounted them to the wall with some heavy duty anchors. (Difficult as you can see from the holes we made and patched up)So then after the shelves were mounted I attached some 1/4" sandeply. Sanded, primed, painted. Then I added some quarter round molding to the bottom sides of the shelves to cover the wonderful gaps because of our crooked walls. This took two attempts, my fault, but I didn't make the cuts at the right angles the first time...live and learn I guess.
Then I touched up the paint all around...the walls...the molding...everything. And here they are!
I am not a master carpenter, I am probably closer/better in that department than my husband is.... ;-) So if they seem slightly "off", they probably are...but they hold stuff just fine. :-)I now don't like the lamp we have hanging over the table that we just bought last year. I will have to replace that. Its not even centered on the nook. Crappy house....so next up I have to make a new table. We're going to go with a little round table and simple chairs, probably blackish in color. Then we might get some track lighting from IKEA to show off the shelves a little bit more. I'm going to cover the cook books in some matching paper, kind of like covering books in high school, so they don't stand out so much.

So there you go. If you'd any kind of tips or instructions on this project let me know. These could also have been mounted on a wall without walls on the sides...like actual floating shelves on a flat wall. Probalby much easier than these actually.
Thanks for reading! :-)

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  1. Those look so awesome! I love those kind of shelves.