Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New bag!

I was poking around at work the other night, on the internet, where else...and I saw this cute bag on's projects. Then I saw that it was on the Martha Stewart show too. I knew I had to do it! So I had to make one more surprise bag for a custom order from etsy so I thought this one would be easy enough to try it. So I tried to print out the pattern they gave on the website...turns out I don't know how to "blow up" a picture and actually print it out. Or I've been too tired to figure it out the last couple days. Oh well. I made my own! (I probably should have used the pattern...but I figured it out.) I will make more with the pattern I made but I will alter it a bit to make the handles easier to sew. It’s like a modified wristlet zippers. (Zippers and I do not get along while sewing.)

Here is the bag I made...

This is the picture from projects...

So that's it for now.
Lets keep our fingers crossed that Hurricane Gustav stays away!!

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