Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pink Dress

I wasn't planning on making Gianna's flower girl dress....
I was going to have my seamstress make it, but she's very busy, and she suggested I make it since she knew I was I said, "Sure, why not?!"
Here is Gianna trying on a veil in the shop...she had fun with those little veils.

This is Gianna trying on the pink dress I made for her to match my bridesmaids dresses.

I'm going to make another one...this is my "first attempt". My second will be much better! :-)

Update! I ended up using this dress, because it actually came out pretty nice. I hand stitched some of my wedding dress lace onto the white front of the dress and it looked so pretty. :-) Here is a picture of the dress and picture of me and Gianna on my wedding day.

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