Thursday, April 26, 2007

Envirosax... (reusable - not plastic!)

Something not purses-I-made related. I just recently bought these neato envirosax bags to use instead of the plastic bags from the grocery store. I found them from a blog I've been watching for a couple years now (notmartha) and I went right out and ordered some.

They sold out pretty quickly from the Delight website, but you can preorder them.
After watching all the stuff on the news lately about global warming, I figure I have to start somewhere...while I can't trade in my car for a bike to ride 40 miles to work every day, at least I can stop using plastic grocery bags.

**Coupon/Promo code "Shelterrific" gets you 20% off Delight's website!
I LOVE coupon/promo codes...

UPDATE: If they're still sold out of these bags at Delight, you can buy them directly through the Envirosax website.

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