Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing catch up....sort of

I've seen a few other bloggers that I follow mention sickness lately. It has come to our house too. =( Alligator got her flu booster shot a couple weeks ago and got a cold along with it a few days later. We've dealt with her colds before and we're pretty good at treating them now. So we had her's under control within a few days. Then my husband got it. HE can take his precious Dayquil and Nyquil. When the funk came to ME...what can I take? Tylenol. Joy. It hit me really bad last week and has progressed. I'm hoping to be on my way back up now though...time will tell. I have an important get together this weekend that I MUST be healthy for. Lots of babies to snuggle. ;-)

So here is my "catch up" post to show a few things that we've been up to.

We finally, FINALLY, did our Thank You notes from Alligator's First Birthday. (Yes, from November!) We did hand prints in paint on some leftover card stock and envelopes from our wedding. She did well at first, but by the time we got to the end (#30) she was not amused.

We went to Jacob's First Birthday party. We put her down in the backyard and it took her a minute to scope things out....then she saw it. I think she was squatting down winding up her legs or something.

She saw THE BALL PIT. Notice her little legs sticking out in the picture below? She jumped in. Couldn't get over the side fast enough to get into all the plastic balls. Landon was in there as Alligator came barreling up to the ball pit and I'm sure he was wondering why this girl was screaming at him. She was SO excited. She screamed until she was headfirst in all the fun.
 She loved Jacob's swing set too. She looooves the swings.

I wanted to show off my "I'm a freaking genius idea" for eating at our house. The dog has been getting put away during meals for a while now so that Alligator doesn't feed him from her tray. But I was tired of actually mopping/cleaning the floor around her high chair. She eats a lot of food but a lot of it ends up on the floor at the end of the meal. So I went out and bought a washing machine floor tray. (Something like this that you would use if you have wooden floors or have a washer on a second story or something.)
 See how helpful it is? Now I don't have to actually CLEAN the floors under her high chair every day. I can wipe this this off and either leave it or tip it up to the side of her chair. The floor is still clean. Yay! Plus she's cute with her little pig tails and showing off how well she eats spaghetti. =)

She is walking. Correction....she can RUN. She was chasing me or my husband when I snapped this picture. She loves to play "chase."

Another new fun "toy" that isn't really a toy is a thermometer. She likes that she can press the button and it beeps at her. She pretends it is a phone. See below she is walking and talking on her thermometer phone.

 This picture is blurry, but hopefully you can see the joy on her face either way. She LOVES the slide. My sister has a swing set at her house now and the slide is a good one. The yard tilts down a bit though, so on the slide you really get going!! I was doing the "dropping" and my friend was catching her at the bottom. We only let her go about 3 feet. She was pissed that we stopped because the bigger kids wanted to go down the slide more.

I'll have to make another post again soon. Hoping to be getting rid of my cold soon. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. =)


  1. Oh my! I just want to smoosh her!
    I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. She is precious! Hope you get better soon ...

  3. She is getting cuter and cuter by the minute.

  4. Pigtails = adorable

    Legs sticking out of the ball pit = hilarious!

    Everything else is pure cuteness. Well, except for the sickies! That's yucky. LMAO

  5. I hope you feel better soon, and my goodness is she cute! It's hard to believe she is RUNNING now!