Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun (part 2)

This post requires very little words. =) Alligator was a pumpkin this year. The cutest pumpkin ever! She didn't seem to mind the costume AT ALL. She didn't try to take the hat off once and she seemed to be generally enjoying herself. There were a lot of people to look at and she was great considering we pushed dinner way back just to enjoy a little Halloween time outside with some of our neighbors. We had a TON of kids come through. 10+ kids in a group at a time. Some of the rude little buggers didn't even say Trick or Treat or Thank You. I refuse candy to anyone not wearing a costume. Next year I'm going to do what one of my friends did and give out something gross to the ones that don't say Trick or Treat or aren't dressed up.

Using our neighbor's festive display as our backdrop for pictures.

Alligator was a little confused by this talking pumpkin....yep it was a real person in there.

Our neighbor's college age son enjoying Halloween.

Just hanging out in our flower bed graveyard.

Quick picture of me and my little Pumpkin!

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