Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun (part 1)

I'm finally getting aroudn to posting some pictures from the pumpkin patch. I was not impressed with the place we went to. =( Maybe we were too late in the season (the weekend before Halloween) or maybe this place just sucked. I'm going with a combination of both!

So we met up with some friends of ours at the pumpkin patch, and attempted some pictures. An almost 11 month old and a 9 month old do not make good camera subjects. ::sigh:: Here are my attempts! (You can check out Deborah's Growth of a Sprout post from the pumpkin patch for her attempts at the bottom on her post.)

Alligator looking for a way over the hay as soon as we put her down....

Giving me false hope that today would go well, looking at the camera like a pretty girl for 2 seconds!

Playing with some pumpkins.

 Here comes the fun....trying to get both to look at the camera at once.

And then we got Alligator going this way and Jacob going that way...

 And Jacob going this way and Alligator going that way...

So we thought we'd try a pumpkin circle/cage. Both of them were not pleased...

" Jacob you look over there for a way out and I'll look over here!"

 "Haha, I think I found my escape...."

"Now, how can I do it without them stopping me.....?"

 Making a break for it..."Ha, got the pumpkin out of the way, step 1!"

"I'm almost there..."


 "See ya later!"


  1. Heee, I think the pictures are great! Heck, they make for better memories than perfectly posed pictures anyway!!

  2. Wait a second, in your last post you said you were going to find out the sex and then in this post, there's nothing, nada, zippo!! Are you keeping it a surprise!?!?