Sunday, October 10, 2010


We really love our weekends around here. I love them because my husband is home and I get to see him. I also love them because for a little while I am not the only parent around. =) So laundry, chores, and crafts can get done so much faster than normal. Plus he loves the weekend because he gets to see Alligator. I think he likes seeing me sometimes too, but moreso he enjoys seeing the Alligator.

This weekend was a good one for us so far for a few reasons. My husband got home at a decent time Friday night so we go to go to the Oktoberfest "preview" - um, he got to drink in the fun plastic beer boot earlier than Saturday. I made pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning. And later Saturday afternoon it was Oktoberfest! Every year they put on an Okotoberfest where they have beer, brautwurst, sourcraut, and tons of other food booths in our neighborhood. A lot of people bring their crafts and stuff in booths to try to sell or advertise their stuff. My friend Jesi had a booth with tons of fun bows and girly things. You can check out her store on Etsy here. Sunday will be great because so far we have nothing planned. (LOVE days like that.)

So, onto the pictures. Since I know everyone likes those the most out of blog posts. =)

Looking longingly at the beer garden area.

"Daddy, seriously, I can't get a beer?"

"OK, I'll take some Puffs instead!"

"Mum mums are awesome too!"

Breakfast was a hit Saturday morning for us. Alligator had a pancake and 2 egg yolks with cheese. She ate almost all of the pancake and almost all of the egg yolk omlet she got.  We've learned it is just easier to do naked meals sometimes, since she is still learning to feed herself it is just less messy clothes.

Naked pancakes

She liked these pancakes way better than the other version I tried last weekend. The last recipe had no eggs, milk, or sugar. Sorry to the lovely lady I got the recipe from, but she liked regular old from scratch buttermilk pancakes instead. 

Later Saturday afternoon at Oktoberfest our friends Deborah, Sean, and Jacob met us for a little bit. I spread out a blanket (well, it is a sheet, but whatever, it kept us off the sort of wet grass) to let the kids play a bit. The Dads enjoyed their beers in a beer boot and we sat around a while and played.

My attempt to get a picture of the two kids together did not go well. It is getting way harder to take their picture now. They move around so much and so quickly now!

Jacob was not happy about picture time and Alligator just wanted to eat her Mum Mum.

Jacob says, "Mommy make the pictures stop!"

Jacob got to try his first Mum Mum. He liked it! You can see the evidence of the Mum Mum on his chin here.

Then Jacob had to examine the stroller.
Alligator wonders "Um, so, is it broken? Can you fix it?" 

Alligator digging for more Mum Mums to pay Jacob for his work on the stroller.

Looking at me as if saying "Mom, you think he knows what he's doing?"

We bumped into some other friends of ours and one of them had a shot glass that was a little beer mug. It was an unused shot glass, so it was pretty clean. It was just her size. She liked pretending to drink out of it. (At least it seemed that was what she was doing, I guess she was just eating it?) 

I think this might be the first picture I've put of myself on the blog in a LONG time. So here we are!

 She had a lot of fun playing on this little fence/baricade. The lights were the cool touch LEDs or something. She only tried to eat them a few times.

 Right before I took this picture she had stuck her arm through a hole and scared a little boy on the otherside. It was so funny. He yelled "Ahhh!" and she laughed.

Alligator now knows that the flash might be coming on the camera. So a lot of times she blinks repeatedly before we take a picture. Here are a couple of examples.

Because we went to Oktoberfest we thought we'd see how Alligator did if we skipped the 2nd/last nap of the day. We were up at Oktoberfest for a few hours and she didn't fuss at all when it should have been nap time. By the time we finally got home (not even a mile away) she was so tired. We had skipped bath time the night before so she had to have a bath tonight. We did bath time and bottle like normal. At the end of it all she was awake for more than 6 hours. (SIX!!!)

She fell asleep on her Daddy and didn't even move when I put her in bed.

So far that is our weekend. =) If you haven't already, please follow our blog so you can read more about our adventures.

Also check out my friend's blog post on The Life of Rylie...and Bryce Too. She has a bunch of fun giveaways listed. She does this every weekend so follow her and check back to her blog too.


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