Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Couple of Firsts for Both of Us

Today, both Alligator and I had a couple new things happen. First I'll talk about ME. I know I rarely talk about me and things, but too bad, I'm going to. ;-)

So before Alligator I worked a normal 40 hour work week. I liked working. As with most jobs, at times I hated it, and at times it was great and made me feel worthwhile in the world. While I was pregnant I was pretty certain I would not be returning to work. The cost of my tolls, gas, car maintenance, etc it just ended up not being worth continuing to work. My husband and I decided I would become a stay at home mom. I thought I would have all sorts of time to get in shape after the baby, HAHA, yeah that happened. I thought I would have time for crafts - I make some time for that. I thought, I will make friends in the neighborhood and do things with them all the time. I thought I would have a spotless house and dinner cooked every night - spotless house: nope and dinner cooked: barely.

I have a great group of E-friends (you know who you are ladies and I love you!) and a some local friends that I don't see nearly enough. I've been lucky to make a few new good friends through the gym and my efriends online that we meet with playgroups. I also have fantastic neighbors that are always there for us.

One of those neighbors suggested I join her MOPS group with her. MOPS is a Mothers of Preschoolers group that meets at least once a month. They have child care at the group and the moms get to chat and do other things together. The website does a much better job explaining it than I do, so check it out if you are interested in finding a group near you. I wasn't hesitant because you pay a membership fee and meeting fee, but over the course of a year I think it will be worth it for me mentally. =)

So, my FIRST MOPS meeting was today with my great neighbor from down the alley. It was fun. I met some new people, bumped into people I know from my gym, and got some much needed adult social interaction. Alligator was great in the day care center for most of the time. I really screwed up her schedule today by making her wake up 45 minutes or so early and feeding her bottle and solids really close together. They are normally spaced out a bit more for us. She was a bit off and that made her somewhat fussy for the ladies. They were great though and really tried to not come get me. We were there for 2 1/2 hours! The last 30 minutes she was with me in the meeting room. She was getting all sorts of laughs and smiles from people. Starting to think she loves attention. =)

So Alligator's first today...a FRONT FACING car seat at 10 1/2 months old. GASP!! I have a rear facing car seat in our car, but due to some car juggling and a broken spark plugs on my husband's car, I am only equipped with my stroller to get anywhere. Luckily my neighbor lives down the street and only one of her kids was going to MOPS with us. So her son's car seat was free.

Right after I put her in the seat and tightened her up. She is looking at me as if to say "Um, Mommy, do you know I'm facing the wrong way?"

"Hey wait a second, I can see out the front of the car!"

"Yay this is fun!!"

Too bad this will rarely happen. =) I plan on rear facing Alligator in our car as long as possible. Also we only wen't 1/2 a mile or so down the street to the church. Alligator really liked being able to see me from the front of the car. She was clapping and waving the whole time. Please ignore the Halloween bib she is wearing a wee bit early this year. Go figure that just moments after i took it off she showed me her breakfasts again. Yay. Outfit change #1 by me. Outfit #2 was by the day care people when they changed her diaper.

Good times for both of us today!


  1. I love reading your Day-to-Day's with Ally-poo! :-)

  2. The front facing pictures are adorable!!!

    I am looking forward to the day we can move L's car seat around. But I'm like you guys and will keep her rear till she no longer fits comfortably.

  3. Oh my gosh I'm having heart palpitations right now. While the pictures are adorable, it just isn't safe to FF a 10.5 month old. You know that legally she can't be turned until she is 1 AND 20 pounds, right? I'm really not trying to preach, but I am all about keeping the kiddies safe. I'm glad you plan to normally keep her rear facing for as long as possible, though. It is the safest way to ride. Rylie is almost 3 and is still RF. :-D

  4. I know LeeAnn! I was really terrified, but we went only a block in our neighborhood. I told my friend to drive really slow and stay away from other cars. She will be RFing as long as I can in my car. It probably won't happen again now that Shaun's car is fixed and next time I will just walk there with the stroller.