Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday Funday - Playdate with friends

Monday we had the pleasure of hanging out for a while with our friends Jacob and Deborah. Check her out on their blog Growth of a Sprout where she also put up some pictures from our adventure yesterday.

I say adventure because it was just that. We started out at Leu Gardens because Mondays are free days. Deb got there at 415 and I got there at 430, not realizing the gardens close at 4 (the sign said 5, but whatever) and they meanly start kicking you out. So I couldn't even go meet Deborah in the Rose Garden area. Alligator had to eat so I sat near the big house to feed her her solids all while the staff kept telling me they were closing. They were very annoying. It is bright as hell out, I just don't understand why they would close so early.

Anyway, from there we moved onto Baldwin Park near the lake. There is a very long path (Deborah says 3 miles) that goes around the lake and plenty of grassy areas to play on. So we set up a blanket and toys and let the kiddos play.

We both took tons of pictures. I'm still learning how to use my fancy pants camera to get better shots with the right exposures and such. So you'll see that some of the shots I took vary in their quality. =)

So here are some pictures of Allison and Jacob. They are just about 6 weeks apart in age.

Allison is already off the blanket, making her way to the water. (No fear in this kid, I swear.)

Looking longingly at the water I won't let her crawl near.

A little yoga - downward dog I believe.

Playing with each other's toys.

Obviously not the best picture quality, but she would.not.smile at me. 

"Mmm, green stuff."

"Allison, you're sitting on my toy, give it!" 

"But I wanted to sit on that toy Jacob!" 

"Wait, Jake, do you see that? Your mom has a camera out" 

"Wait! My mom does too!" 

A quick outfit change to help her move without the dress in the way later... back to playing with toys.

"Stupid water. I want to go in." 

"Oh wait, I'm on the green stuff again." 

"This is different than the green stuff at home..." 

"It's softer too..."

The puffs container - hours of entertainment. 

Jacob says, "Watch me do a trick!" 

"Woops, that wasn't supposed to happen" 

"Jacob let's race, who can get my mom first?"

I think Alligator won...Jacob saying "Good job!"  

They both had lots of fun, we think, and Deborah and I got to chat. We even went for some frozen yogurt afterwards. It was so nice out. We're going to have to skip Leu Gardens and just come here next time. (Until they learn to walk, they maybe farther away from the water.)

Thanks Deborah and Jacob for a great afternoon!! (Seriously how did it end up being 7pm when we left?!)

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