Monday, October 4, 2010

Always late in monthly pictures

I took 30 (THIRTY) pictures of Alligator yesterday in attempts to get her 10 month photo shoot done. Ehh, she's 10 1/2 months, but oh well. =) The only good picture is of her daddy holding her up and she's laughing at the camera like "Hahah, screw you and your stupid pictures." You'll see from the pictures I'm about to post here. These kinds of photo shoots were SO.MUCH.EASIER when she was not mobile.

At first I thought, hmm, this might be ok.
S was helping entertain Alligator...she's sitting still.

But then it started...

And...she's on the move...

She went this way. 

She went that way.

"Oooh, shiney sliding glass door to bang on."

"I'm not going to make a cute face..." 

"This is the cutest face you'll get and Daddy's holding me, so, HA!!" 

"I'm not looking at the camera..." 

"Ooh, Mommy's flip flop." 

"Can't... look... at... the... camera..." 

"Waaaaaaait a second, this is stuck to my shirt!"

"I got it off!" 

"Look Daddy, I'm eating it even though you told me NO!"

"Fine, I'll look at the camera..."  
with the sticker shoved in her mouth. With this picture I gave up. Maybe next month's pictures will be easier? Maybe she'll be standing or walking them and it will be EVEN more fun. Sigh....


  1. haha! 10 month pics were hard for us too!

  2. Bwahahahaha...This had me completely cracking up!
    She's beautiful no matter what she does :)

    But you have my sympathies..that is like every photo session with Thomas now.

  3. haha I'm laughing because it s almost impossible to get our monthly pictures of Carter too. She is adorable!