Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yep, she eats puffs off the floor

     Luckily I never said "My daughter will not eat off the floor" or "My daugther will never eat out of a dog bowl" because I sure would be eating my words now. Here she is in pictures doing BOTH.

     I will say that this dog bowl has become her "play" bowl. I fill it with water and let her splash around as if it were the dog's actual water. (She thinks she is getting away with something but she isn't. Haha! 1 for Mommy!)

     So she was getting fussy a little before dinner and I thought I would try some puffs. She doesn't like the highchair unless there is real food I improvised. I think it worked!

"MMM, puffs! Does Bailey know I'm eating out of his bowl?"

"More, yay!!"

"Wait, what happens when I do....THIS!?"

"Awesome, puffs on the floor. My favorite!"

"Give me more puffs!!!"

     I vaccum that area rug at least once a day. I find dog hair on her all day though. I really can't help it. She gets a bath every day. =) My dad always says "You gotta eat a pound of dirt!" So well, Alligator is getting there faster than babies without dogs in their house. Oh well. She sure looks cute though, right?



    This is the cutest and funnest post ever! I would never say any of that either b/c I can see the twins doing the same thing.

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  3. I just LOVE that last picutre. She's too cute.

  4. The last picture is the funniest! She is such a little ham already!