Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beach Day...Yay

Since we live only a short 40 minute drive (give or take) to the Cocoa Beach we decided to take a late afternoon trip out there today. I'm glad we did! It worked out perfectly with the weather (except it was a bit windy) and the sun/heat. We got there about 5pm and played for an hour and 20 minutes or so. We went with a friend of ours (Deborah) and her son (Jacob). Allison is about 6 weeks older and easily has 5-7lbs on Jacob.
See here is the best picture I have of the two kiddos looking at the camera.

(I'm hoping Deborah got some better pictures with her waterproof camera.)

Here is Alligator at first, giving me the "Seriously mom, the stupid hat again?" look.

"Well, fine I will just eat the sand then."

"Oh wait, I remember this stuff! I think it is fun, right?"
"Oh yeah, it is awesome! Very fun Daddy, let me splash again!"
Here is Alligator exploring around. She had fun just crawling and getting dirty.

Laughing at her shadow.

"Very fun Mommy! Beach day....yay!!"

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