Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A post not about baby!

I have had this blog a while now, 4 or 5 years?! I haven't always used it well. When I was just kind of crafting I would blog about that. When I got engaged I blogged about that. I would blog about things randomly and sporadicly. I would always forget about it a while and then come back and try to update it more. No one was reading it back then though. So anyone reading now, THANKS!!

So now most of my more recent posts have been about Alligator. I mean she's spectacular and all, but I do other things too. =) I make a lot of things. Here are some things I make. These items were all made for someone else as gifts, or somethings I made for Alligator. Most of them are in my Etsy shop, but if not they can be customized and added just for YOU if you want something. Let me know. =)

Hooded Beach Towels:

This one is the green/white with pink flamingos - made special for Sylvie's 1st Birthday!!
The lobster towel was made on special request from my best friend Angela's son Caden. We may or may not have already said that Alligator and Caden are getting married someday...we will see. ;-)
Gianna was modeling the hooded towel for me so I could show its sizing on Etsy. She is such a ham for the camera.
These are a bunch of letters I made. I call them Big Fat Letters. I had to remove my listings from Etsy because of the "loops" on them, but I can custom make them with loops for anyone. I am going to relist some without the loops and they'll just have heat sealed cut edges for baby to play with. Still very cute and functional to play with!!
These are what I'm calling the "Everything Holder" listed in my Etsy shop. I have them listed with ribbon options right now but I think I like the fabric better, so I will be adding that soon. Either way they work awesome for keeping stuff from hitting the ground in a stroller, shopping cart, highchair out in public, or just keeping a favorite toy close by and attached to baby or toddler.
These are some baby shoes I made someone for her 9 month old. She wanted something cute but not pink. I think they came out awesome.
Here I have Alligator modeling them for us. And lastly, a post wouldn't be a post without a smiley picture of the Alligator. She was playing on the floor with Bailey - see the tail? She loves that dog. He, however, is not exaclty a fan of her.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm reading so keep postin' mama! I love the tag letters BTW!

  2. Don't forget to keep me on that list for a big fat letter G! Let me know when they are back up on your etsy shop.

    Oh and you better keep posting love! I'm all about your sweet Alligator :)

  3. Came across your blog and had to say hi! Cute blog!

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