Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 kids in my house - 5 years apart

No, not both mine! Ha! My niece Gianna stayed over the other night. Gianna and Allison are 5 years and 5 days apart. (Sort of strange because my sister and I are 2 years 5 days apart.) This was the first time she's stayed over since I was like 7 months pregnant with Allison. She used to stay over a few times a week when I worked with my family. Then it was down to once every few weeks on a weekend when I had a "real" job. I wanted to wait until 1) Allison was better with sleeping at night and 2) Gianna was better with the little bits of jealousy and tempter tantrums she seemed to have around Allsion. I think it went really well! It was a little rough at some points, but not bad at all. She was a great helper too.

Gianna fed Allison her entire dinner. Shaun just stood by for back up while I did some cleaning around the kitchen and getting Gianna's room ready.
The aftermath of Gianna feeding Allison all of her carrots. Allison has this look of "I don't know if I want to do that again Mommy."
I started to wipe off Allison's face and Gianna stopped me. "I got it Auntie." Then she wiped Allison down and Allison tried to eat the face wiping cloth, like always. (see the tongue?)

Then, I thought (naively), "Let's just give them both a bath at the same time. It will be fun." Humph, it was interesting. Allison was very confused. She just started sitting in the big tub a few days ago. She's still learning. Having Gianna in the tub with her confused her a lot I think. She was all squiggly and kept looking at us.

A moment after this picture was taken, Allison turned around with her catlike reflexes and bellyflopped face first into the water. She was a little bit shocked. I immediately scooped her up out of the water. (of course!) She almost looked like wasn't breathing, like she was still holding her breath. She didn't cry or anything. Just had a sad look of shock on her face. I felt so bad. =( Shaun said, "Well, we won't do that again, huh?" Then I finished with Gianna and Shaun gave Allison her scrub down like normal.

Overall it went really well. We ran some errands the next day and Gianna was awesome. I think we can do this again!

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  1. Awww cousins! I love that Gianna was so into caring for Allison. What a sweet girl! And what a good sport Allison is!