Friday, July 2, 2010

How to get a picture of your daughter's first tooth

Well, Alligator has her first tooth! It finally broke the surface. It is just barely out, but I could see it and feel it. So I HAD to try to take a picture to send her Daddy at work.

Here is my story, in pictures, of "How to get a picture of your daughter's first tooth."

First I had to hold her between my knees with her standing up (because she pooped RIGHT then as I was getting the camera ready). Then I had to try to get her to open her mouth. You can't just TELL a 7month old "Open wide". So, clean hand in her mouth it was. I really only took these 8 pictures in an attempt to get the tooth shot. Here they are!

After that first picture was unsuccessful, I thought I would just try to snap some pictures up close with her screeching at me. Maybe one of them would end up being an open mouth picture with her gums showing the tooth.
More camera wasn't shooting fast enough because I was so close to her face with the camera!
She's getting annoyed now.
Finally I thought I'd try the spoons I had brought over. She didn't like when I shoved them in her mouth, was she was find to do it herself. But still, no go on the tooth picture.
Trying to get the camera strap and still no good pictures.
"Mommy, stop it!!"
Finally, last picture, I had finally got her tongue pushed back and her mouth open, and crying a bit but I got the picture!!
See it? Here it is:

Finally a tooth!!


  1. Yay! That story is hysterical!

  2. i see it! yay for a tooth!

  3. Toofers!!!

    I gave you an award on my blog! Much love to you! :)