Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MamaBargains.com ~ Rave

I forgot to mention this a while back, even though I told Mama Bargains I would. So here goes.

Mama Bargains had some baby sunglasses on sale for $5 each (or something like that). I thought it was a great price! I have seen them at Target too, but never in the girl colors like I wanted. So I scooped 2 pairs for Allison. One pair was pink and the other pair was purple.

I paid for regular old First Class shipping because I'm cheap (err, I mean, frugal). The glasses got here pretty quickly, within a week I think. I opened the shipping bag and found this:

See the cracks right there on the lens? I was pretty sad, but then I quickly went to check out their return policy. The return policy looked pretty cut and dry and it scared me. It said something like this: "We do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges and do not offer warranties of any type on any products. All sales are FINAL!" (Taken right from their site.)

I thought I was done and out my $5.

I wrote them a quick email and included a picture showing them what happened. I think it was mostly because of the packaging the glasses came in . There weren't protected at all in the flimsy little mailing bag they came in. They wrote me back within a day or so and promised me another pair. The replacement pair came quickly, priority mail this time, and in a sturdy cardboard box. Most importantly they came in ONE piece!!

Here is Allison modeling her new glasses in the pool.
Yay MamaBargains.com! Thanks again for great customer service.

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