Monday, June 7, 2010

A lot of firsts this month

Allison had her first 6 month photo shoot. She did really well, but never looked at the camera and smiled. She was smiling at the dog behind me in this picture...

We tried some rice cereal for the first time. You can see by her face she was not too pleased.
Then we gave her the spoon and she was happy again.
Then we let her try to feed herself. She got messy. Some of the rice cereal did make it into her mouth.
We did rice cereal for almost a week to give plenty of time for reactions with her skin. We were very relieved to have no issues with the rice cereal.

Allison got to read her first magazine. Well, she played with it, tore it up, tried to eat it, ate it, and got bits of paper in her mouth. She then got very angry when I took it away.
Maybe no more magazines for a while...

Then Allison got to try some homemade sweet potatoes thanks to my awesome Craigslist find. I scored a brand new Beaba baby food cooker for $80!

She saw the spoon coming at her and I think she was already annoyed.She seems to open her mouth for the food better when Daddy feeds it to her.
Overall, the sweet potatoes went well. We only gave her a tablespoon or so (I didn't measure it out) and she got at least half of it in her mouth.
Luckily most of the mess was contained to her face. She hasn't gotten her hands dirty yet.
Another first for Allison: Her first tutu! This is not her tutu, but she tried it on for a friend. I made this in Chargers colors for a friend's little girl. I made a few for Allison too so she'll be showing those off soon.

Allison has a new funny face. It makes us laugh so hard when she does this face. Here she is about to do it. I can't seem to catch the face on camera. She puckers up her lips, scrunches her nose, winces her eyes a little, and breathes through her nose and sort of huffs and puffs. It is the funniest thing ever! I might have it on video...I'll have to find a way to upload that here eventually.
We also had our first frantic call to the Pediatrician's on call nurse line. =( Allison got a bug bite on her lip. Not just ON it, but inside her lip somehow. We had a bit of a car ride home after being outside at a friends BBQ. She didn't nap at all on the car trip home like she normally should have done. We were both in front so we weren't sure what was going on with her in the back while she fussed. We got home and finally took her out of the car, still crying, and saw her huge swollen lip. Poor thing, no wonder why she wouldn't sleep! The nurse was nice but got me a bit worried by telling me to "Make sure she is breathing ok, make sure she can swallow, watch her for at least 2 hours." A little children's allergy medicine (as directed by the nurse) and her lip was better by the next day. Here is her lip after we finally got her calmed down. It was much bigger than this on only one side.

The last First I will mention is what I think might be our "First sign of trouble coming". Allison can stand. She can hold on to just about anything and stand for a LONG time. She loves it. She can't pull herself up to standing, but if we put her there she's good to go! She loves it, as you can see with my final picture for this blog update.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. She is SO cute!! Love her beautiful eyes!

    My niece (I have custody of) is 6 months old, just turned last week. But she will not eat anything other than formula!

    That poor bite looks like it hurt!!

    And WOW standing up! I can barely get Peyton to sit up hehe :)