Monday, January 18, 2010

Trying to get better at updates

I promise I'm trying to get better at updating my blog. =) The last few weeks things around here have been getting much MUCH better. Allison is sleeping more, I'm sleeping more, and Daddy is sleeping more. I think we all feel better!!

Allison will be 2 months old on Thursday and I will be 31 years old on Friday!!! Agh!
She has her 2 month check up on Monday and she will get her vaccinations/shots. I'm not looking forward to that appointment.

We had some newborn photos taken last month right before Christmas. We used the same photographer that we used for our wedding: Nikki Rosa (
Here are a few shots that she took.

Here a few pictures that we've taken ourselves....
Allison's first New Year's Eve....she drank too much milk. ;-)

Volunteering on Christmas morning with Mommy and Daddy delivering food for Meals on Wheels....she sept the whole time.

My attempt at some "1 month" pictures - she didn't like it.

I have some projects I have to work on soon, so I will try to post more updates with pictures of Allison and the projects soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the pics! Glad y'all are getting some sleep.