Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Update #2...

I don't know how many people actually read my blog, but I think I have a few friends that check it out, so here is my other quick update I promised. Here is the start of the green quilt I'll be assembling once I get everyone's pieces/parts after the holidays. Its for the Getting Pregnant Quilting Group on These are my green squares I made. (much improved from my last few squares I think)

Kim's bridal party bags finally done. Her wedding was a couple weeks ago now, but I am finally showing the finished project. I heard that the girls LOVED their bags. I love when i hear that. I even saw them carrying them around after the wedding at the reception.

A friend of mine from the bump finally got her BFP (positive test) so because she loves monkeys, I wanted to make her a little something. So she got a gender neutral monkey blanket. She got it today and loves it. I kind of want one now....I think I have enough fabric left over for my own....maybe I will make another and sell it on etsy. Hmm....

Angela's birthday was a couple weeks ago also. She had given me a pair of Lilly Pulitzer pants to try to sell on eBay for her a long long time ago. They were from a very short time when she didn't eat and was a size 0. No one on ebay knew what a size 0 was, so they didn't sell. She finally told me to make something out of them and sell them online or something, but to make her a little coin purse or something out of the leftovers. So her birthday bag was born. I cut up the pants into various pieces and made the bag below. I really like it. I think its the perfect size too. She was surprised with it when she opened her gift, like she had forgotton about these pants long ago. The inside of the bag is a white/white loepoardy spotted fabric.

I was part of a gift exchange with the girls from thebump was fun. We used Elfster and they figure out all the logistics, picking people, making it anonymous, and everything. This is what I made for my pick. She messaged back and says she loves it and its the perfect size for her phone and camera. She likes pink so she got pink ribbon around her package. I do like this fabric...what else can I make with it? :-)

Lastly, we went to ICE at Gaylord Palms with Angela and Jason while they were in Orlando. Shaun proposed at ICE a few years ago, so its holds a little spot in our hearts. We had fun. We all got to go down the giant slides (even 7 months pregnant Angela) and got some yummy hot choclate after we went through the whole ICE show. The picture below is Shaun and I inthe last little Ice Cave hallway. We are always amazed at the craftsmanship that goes into each area of the ICE show.

That's all for this update. Christmas is almost here. I still have more shopping to do. I still have lots of wrapping to do. I might try to squeeze in one more make Gianna a new twirly skirt for part of her Christmas present. We'll see if that happens though......Happy Holidays!!

PS- Here's a nice 200lb+ pink ice snowflake for you to enjoy for your holiday.

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