Wednesday, December 17, 2008

QUICK update #1...

We've had a busy couple months...and its not over yet! So many projects, parties, and holidays, not enough time in the day to get them done.

Thanksgiving went really well....we had 19 or so people over our house. (7 babies/toddlers, 14 adults) All went well and I think everyone got enough food. Here we are gathered around the pool table with the triplets at the head of the table. :-)

Also I went to my first NFL football game! My husband likes the Jacksonville Jaguars and we happened across some free tickets in really good seats. So we were there! They flew the F-something planes over head before the game too, that was kind of cool. Shaun thought it was funny to take a picture of me eating a piece of was yummy.

I have more to update, but I will post more later. I have some recent projects I want to post: Wedding Purses, Baby Blanket, Lilly Pulitzer Pants into a Purse, and soon Christmas Presents for a couple people....can't blog about them yet someone might see! :-)

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