Friday, January 21, 2011

Giveaways are great!!!

I want to share with you a great giveaway going on on my friend's blog. She's a shopper. Like, REALLY, an awesome shopper. The title of her blog is "Hi My name is Elise and I'm a shopaholic" so that sums it up. She loves to find deals, put together great outfits (something I am NOT good at), and show them off on her blog. She also has a separate blog for selling things she doesn't need/want/use or never used.

So she's doing a giveaway. a $25 Macy's Gift Card giveaway. She loves Macy's. I guess Macy's loves her too since she's doing the giveaway. ;-)

Go check out her give away on her blog here: Macy's Gift Card Giveaway
It is really easy to enter her giveaway. First: you HAVE to become a follower of her blog in order for your entries to count. After you become a follower you can get TWO entries into this giveaway. First entry is required for your second entry to just have to comment and say what you would/might buy at Macy's. Second entry (bonus) you can blog about the giveaway (like I'm doing here) and comment with a link to your post. You leave a separate comment for each entry and there you go...entered to win TWICE. Easy peasy.You just have to leave a comment to get your two entries.

I know this person in real life. She is great. If we didn't have such busy schedules between both our families would surely be hanging out way more often. I think she agrees?! ;-)

She will be doing more giveaways in the future too, so definitely STAY a follower to get in on her fun giveaways. She really loves shopping and sharing deals so you won't be disappointed.

So go follow her, comment, blog and comment about it...and WIN!!

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