Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Stuck

Ok, so not wordless, but oh well. Alligator is climbing. Climbing anything. She will lift her leg like a little doggie trying to climb anything, even it is up to her shoulders. She lifts her leg to test it out. Here are a few things she climbed recently...and a couple she got stuck in.

Her (HER) plastic-ware cabinet. Everything gets washed before it gets used around here now.

The oven drawer. Again, everything in here gets washed before it is used. She got pissed with this one earlier tonight.

The dishwasher door.

 The steps up to my parents hot tub. She wanted to climb ON TOP of the hot tub but I stopped her before she fell.

A radio boom box thing, sitting next to a computer, sitting next to a tray with junk on top of it. She got a leg up onto the computer right after I took this picture before I caught her as she fell. (And yes we just have random computers lying around the house.)


  1. Maybe one of her recreational sports activities when she's older will be rock climbing! Tee hee

  2. This has me cracking up! My daughter loves climbing into all sorts of interesting places as well! Too cute! (Also love the name of your blog...I'm from Florida originally and went to UF!)

  3. So cute! I hope she's not clumsy like Rylie was. :-) Both of my kids are climbers. If I turn my back on Bryce for one second, by the time I turn back around he has climbed up on something.

    And know we have random computers laying around too.

    Thanks for linking up today!

  4. If she's too much trouble you can send her this way! lol

    I can't imagine having 2 doing this soon. :O

  5. this is hilarious. she is into everything!