Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sick little Alligator

Our house is sick right now. =( Alligator woke up Thursday SO GROSS. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but by later Thursday night it was clear she wasn't going to sleep well. So neither of us slept much Thursday night. Friday was pretty miserable too. Saturday I woke up with whatever Alligator had and by Sunday night my husband had it too. We are a joy to be around right now for sure!

Alligator is getting better, my husband is getting worse (and more whiney), and I'm dealing. I can't take any medicine - why they can't invent cold medicine for pregnant ladies I don't understand, so hopefully we'll all be better soon!!

By the looks of the pictures I'm about to post, you would never know this little girl is a sicky!

She was all laughs and giggles playing with the dog. He normally doesn't like her and shows her, but S was watching over them so Bailey behaved like a good old dog.

Later Sunday afternoon my friend down the street invited us over to play in their bounce house. I was a little weary because she was still a bit of a sicky.  My friend's kids had just gotten over some cold type stuff so my friend said Alligator could go in the bounce house. Yay!!
She liked it a bit at first just playing with Jessie. (That's not her real name, but she insisted I call her that because her shirt had Jessie from Toy Story on it.)

Then we put her down the slide.

WINNER! She loved the slide!

More please! 
Then shortly after the "I need a nap" meltdown started and we were back to regularly scheduled miserable baby. =)

I have another important post I want to share with you (for anyone that is reading) and I will do that tomorrow. I hope you come back to read it!!


  1. Great pictures of that sweet girl! So sorry you have all been sick - such fun to try and get through the days and nights when it is like that. Hang in there :o) Maybe we will actually see each other one of these days!

  2. Love the pics and am hoping everyone is feeling better.

    Oh and boo to you. I don't like waiting for fun news!

  3. I love her! She looks adorable even when she's sick and miserable. Can I have her??? lol

  4. Poor baby! This sounds like my house right about now. Having a sick baby is no fun at all. I hope your whole family feels better soon!