Friday, September 3, 2010

I hope she likes the colors black and blue

I think she'll be wearing them for a while. =( She is clutzy, maybe she's just "normal" clutzy, but I have a feeling she might be extra clutzy like me.

Yesterday she fell somehow on an end table at my mom's house. There were these 2 parts of the legs of the end table, kind of wrought iron, and it opened just enough for her face to fit in. Well, she fell, and smacked her face dead center on this thing. She bruised both cheeks, one side more than the other.

Tonight she fell playing on her old car seat and carseat base. (Chicco Key Fit 30.) She somehow managed to fall perfectly and missed every fabric part that she could and hit the cheekbone right on the hard plastic base. She has a lump, a bruise, and possibly a black eye tomorrow.

She better get used to these colors....


  1. awww..I know the feeling-Evie's got a big ole dome and she had a bunch of bruises on her forehead already too. It sucks, as mom you always feel so bad!