Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeling like nothing gets done some days

This afternoon, well evening because it was at 630pm, as I was talking to my husband on his drive home I was whining "I feel like I got nothing done today." I'm being whiny because I'm so tired. Alligator is not sleeping well at night the last few days and on work nights fo rmy husband I'm alone on the overnights.

So last night I did too much, then played on the internet for too long, and didn't go to sleep until almost 12. Alligator was up at 230, 330, 730 and finally up for the day at 9am. I am TIRED.

Just a little bit ago, I was just finishing my hair really quick before my husband got home (since I actually showered today) and got a hair cut yesterday. I was thinking, wait a second....I DID stuff today. Maybe not a lot, but it was some stuff.

Things I accomplished today:
  • went to the gym
  • vaccummed
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • loaded the dishwasher
  • folded some of Alligator's laundry
  • started a load of diaper laundry
  • finished up 5 Little Guy Tie Onesies
  • made our bed
I would have liked to also do a handful of other things, but oh well. That list is enough, right?! I would have loved to add make an awesome home cooked dinner, but we did that last night so tonight is leftovers. =)

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