Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you know what to do with unused pills?

I know this sounds like such a random post, but I think people should know about this.

We all know (should know) that you are supposed to clean out your medicine cabinet every so often and get rid of expired things. In our case it is a medicine container in the pantry. So I went through it recently and I have a bag full of medicines to throw away. I have some pills that are hormone type pills from trying to make our adorable little Alligator.

Since I'm trying to be more green, I know that I didn't want to just throw them away and let them rot in a landfill and seep into our soil and water system. So what to do with them?

I had a funny conversation with my mom about this recently. I asked her what to do with them.
Mom said: "Oh, just put them in some old coffee grounds and throw them away"
Me: "Mom, that doens't mean that they aren't going into the soil and water system eventually"
Mom: "The water is treated for that stuff"
Me: "Um, not really, and why make them put more chemicals in our water?"
Mom: huffing, "Fine, green weirdo, do what you want" (or I think she said something huffy like that in a 'do what you want' kind of way)

So here is what you CAN do about old pills. I stole this post idea from The Eco Friendly Family Blog where she wrote about the National Take-Back Initiative that the DEA is doing.

Here are some details about this Take-Back program from the DEA site:
  • The program is anonymous. 

  • Prescription and over the counter solid dosage medications, i.e. tablets and capsules accepted.

  • Intra-venous solutions, injectables, and needles will not be accepted.

  • Illicit substances such as marijuana or methamphetamine are not a part of this initiative.  

  • You can find your closest turn in location here. The turn in times are from 10am-2pm on Saturday, September 25th (tomorrow). I've been told some cities have turn in a few times a year. Every pharmacist I asked what to do with my pills didn't know about it and told me to bring them to a hazordous waste collection facilty - sounds difficult right? I'm going to turn my stuff in tomorrow. =)

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