Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 posts in one night!

I'm trying to get better about my updates. I would eventually love to do a giveaway or two (or thirty...) and maybe pretty-up my blog. ::sighs::: Someday...

For now, what I do have to show off is my Alligator. She is getting so big! She went on the swings for the first time last weekend. You can see at first she was not impressed. I think that the way Daddy was swinging was too boring:
Then Mommy starting pushing her a little higher and the smiles started.
And then the giggles. She is a little dare devil already. She loved going fast and high on the swings.
Weirdly, it was her father that was a little freaked out by her swinging so much. "Not so high, not so fast" As Allison was squealing and laughing flinging through the air!

She clearly enjoyed it for about 15 minutes. I suppose I can't expect a 7 month old to enjoy much of anything for more than 15 minutes at a time anway, right?

We got a new toy around here too. I was lucky to get a coupon code for LeapFrog for 25% off and use their free shipping over $40 to get this new Learn and Groove table and a drum thing. She clearly loves this one. I should find a picture of her eating the legs of this table, she loves those too.

Notice the deep concentration (tongue sticking out like Mommy did when she was little) as she's playing.

I see this picture and it makes me think of a mad scientist or crazy piano player or something. She was going to town on this thing right before I took the picture. Squealing something crazy! I love it.

Lastly, I'm going to pimp my Etsy store out here too. I sell some random little crafts I make in there, but the newest item is pretty darn useful. I'm calling it the "Everything Holder" because, well, it can hold just about everything.

Here is Allison showing it off. You can attach it to anything or even to itself around a loop of some kind and their toys, pacis, lovey, burpcloth, bottle, etc. will not go far. She decided to show me how it works. She did this all by herself, I didn't even have to pose her. She just chucked the thing over the edge when she was done and wanted to get out.
I think she was looking at it, like "Whoa, how did that stay there?"

I realized this one is a little long, so I'm making it slightly smaller to sell in my shop. This is like 20" long and I think 15" long is a bit better and less of a hazard. It also has different settings so you can put it on a small toy or a bigger toy. Or loop the snap side around something like a stroller or a strap and use the clippy side to attach to a blanket or lovey. Endless possibilities. ;-)

PS - This holder should be used when under supervision, just like any other kind of toy strap.

I'll leave you with a funny picture we took recently. She looks like we are just completley interupting her work and is giving the Lucchesi "What?" stare. She loves to bang on the keyboard, eat the mouse, lick the lights that blink on the front of mylaptop, and yank the cords. Computer geek already...Daddy will be so proud!

Thanks for reading!

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