Saturday, April 3, 2010

4 months old - wow

Another week, another new formula to try out. Her skin wasn't improving so we had to switch to the hypoallergenic formula last week. She hated it at first. It really smells bad in my opinion, but now she's taking it just fine. She's having way less tummy issues and she's sleeping a lot better now too. (2-3 good naps a day - woohoo!) So let's see if her poor little cheeks get better soon. Crossing my fingers!
Here are some more recent pictures....

This one she was totally having a conversation with the bendy ball:
She was laughing at me here:
4 months old!
Just being silly with Mommy...
More silliness with Mommy! She was blowing raspberries everytime I tried to take a picture. She loves raspberries lately...


  1. I feel your pain with eczema. Blondie Boy will look amazing and then 4 hours later his skin is a mess. It's driving me crazy :( Luckily it bugs me more than him.

    Hope Allison's skin is better soon x

  2. Awwww. Look at her poor cheeks! I hope you find something that works for you. Bryce has eczema on his cheeks too, but not as bad.

    Rylie had to be on hypoallergenic formula. That stuff smells like garbage and tastes even worse! But she loved it so much we were never able to switch her back to regular formula. And then there's the cost. But if it works, it is totally worth it!

    I hope Allison's cute little cheeks clear up soon!

  3. Your daughter is ADORABLE!! Very sweet pics! I am now a follower - found your link on The Bump. If you want to come over to see me, feel free!