Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dead laptop = less blogging

My laptop died last week. Then I brought it back to life with a few hundred restarts, safe modes, disk checking, and more restarts. I got it just enough to get a few things off the hard drive. I had just recently backed everything up before I thought there was a problem, so I was good. I've had to actually get up and use the REAL computer or my phone for internet access. My poor little BlackBerry just isn't used to working that hard. We just got the laptop back up today but now it doesn't want to connect to our weirdo hidden network. That will be a job for Shaun to do sometime soon...hopefully I will be back on my laptop tomorrow! I'm so excited.

So, right now Allison is fighting a nap, well, I think the nap is winning right now. It is only because of the hair dryer, but I'll take it! She is a night time sleeping champ usually, so I try to not get too annoyed about day time napping. I should be knocking on wood about my night time sleeping comment, though. She woke up after sleeping for 3 hours last night! She had taken a rather large poo and I guess it bothered her. Combined with some pretty decent gas I guess she did not want to sleep. Luckily Shaun took that one and let me sleep for the hour she fought him to go back to bed!!

Allison has started to smile more at me. She is making a bit more noise - I think I will wish she would just shut up in 15 years - but for now I love when she talks to me. She is starting to slowly grab onto some toys - Sophie the giraffe and her keys in the bath tub. Tummy time is getting a little easier, she still does not like it, but it isn't screaming the instant she's down. She is officially out of size "newborn"! Woohoo...she's in the 0-3 or 3 month sizes now.
Enough blabbing - here are some pictures!!

Keys in the tub:
Staredown with Mr.Octopus:Sophie the giraffe:
One way to get some tummy time in the day:
Getting ready for her Auntie's wedding:
A smile finally caught on camera! (don't know why the pic uploads sideways and I can't change it!)

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