Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Quilt Done!

I am cutting and pasting from the GP Quilters Blog I posted earlier.

It took me a bit longer than planned to get this green done for MrsBro, but I will blame that on the holidays. :-) This is my first attempt at "quilting" of any kind. I did a simple machine quilting on top (just the squiggly lines straight across - nothing fancy) and machine stitched the binding on. I am not exactly proud of the binding, but it looks pretty good for my first try. The next one I assemble will be better.

So thanks to everyone for their help with squares and fabric! MrsBro I used your square and Moo's extra fabric to make 2 squares, Bee I used the plain squares you sent to make 2 more squares like yours, and Jessie I used your fabrics on the back with some of Moo's and some I had at home already. I made the binding from a remnant at Joann's, I bought the light green sashing on the front and back, and the white I had already too.

So here it is!

The front...
The back...

Combo view...

It is being shipped out this afternoon (ups) and MrsBro should have it by the end of this week. I hope you like it!!

------ Amanda

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