Monday, November 10, 2008

A few random pictures.....

I was sorting through various pictures I've got stashed on my camera, on my memory sticks, on my memory cards, on my work computer....they're everywhere. Here are a few I thought I'd share for now.

This picture is a few weeks old, but these are the cutest triplets I know. I went to their 1st birthday party yesterday....I don't think they like cake...I will have to train them. ;-)
(I hope their mommy doesn't mind me putting this picture up, its so cute!)
(Ben, Lily, Cameron)

This is what happens when you leave a 4 year old by herself for a few minutes with scissors.
My niece Gianna has used scissors many many times at my house. We cut, we glue, we use sparkles, etc...this is the first time ever that this happened. My sister was a little upset....Gianna has such long pretty hair (can't tell by the website because I haven't updated it lately...) but she had to get another REAL haircut to fix the damage she did. I thought it was kind of funny...hehe.

This next picture is what NOT TO DO to your pool table.
I was working on a project for my friend Kim's wedding...making bags for the bridal party as their gifts. Somehow the cutting mat moved over a smidge...and woops. Right through the Naugahyde cover, through the plastic cover, through the felt, and to the slate. Damn.
At least I have connections in the pool table parent's own Eastern Billiards. The guys were able to come out and fix it in time for the Halloween Party. We replaced the felt completely and made it black, instead of the burgundy.

We went to a Neil Diamond concert a couple weeks ago. We had SO much fun. They were free tickets, so we were able to spend our $$ on beer instead. :-)

(Pictures: Tickets, Neil Diamond, our friends and some random old lady that got in our picture on the right...I blocked out their faces just in case they don't want their pictures posted. That's Shaun and I.

I will be posting about our Halloween Party soon.
It WILL be an annual event from now on...mark your calendars: October 30th, 2009!!! :-)

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